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The most noticeable outward effect of the asymmetry is 

In the class how many are 

> Right Handed 

> Left Handed 


Language and language related capabilities are mainly 
located in the left hemisphere of the majority of people: 

> 98% if you are right handed 

> 66% if you are left handed 

Statistically left hand people are more prone to stutter and to 
experience the reading difficulty called dyslexia 

Both hemispheres are involved in higher cognitive 

Each half of the brain specialized in complementary fashion 
for different modes of thinking, both highly complex. 

> In most people the left hemisphere is verbal and 

> In most people the right hemisphere is nonverbal and 

Psychologist, neurobiologists and medical doctors have 
reached the conclusion that 

> Artistry resides in the right hemisphere, while 

> Analytic thinking resides in the left hemisphere. 

The mode of processing used in the right hemisphere is 
rapid, complex, whole pattern, spatial and perceptual - 
processing that is not only different from, but comparable in 
complexity to the left hemisphere's verbal analytic mode. 

The right hemisphere mode of information processing is 
intuitive, and involves leaps of insight, not necessary in a 
logical framework. 

There are indications that the two modes of processing tend 
to interfere with each other, preventing maximal 

> this may be the reason for the evolutionary 
development of asymmetry in the human brain - as a 
means of keeping the two modes of processing 
separate in two hemispheres. 

A good book to read: 

The new Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty 

Dr. Stanley Coren Professor of Psychology at the University 
of British Columbia claims to have shown that left-handers 
tend not to live as long as right-handers. 

His statistical study indicates that right handers tend to live 
on average nine years longer than left handers. 

This finding, if correct, ties in with findings that link left- 
handedness to a variety of physical anomalies, most of 
which can be traced to development or immune system 
dysfunction. They include asthma, bowel and thyroid 
complaints, myopia, dyslexia, migraine, stuttering and 

It is worth noting that a statistically significant number of 
geniuses have been left handed: Leonardo da Vinci, Albert 
Einstein, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Kurt Godel and Paul Erdbs 
to name a few. 

ref: Mapping the Mind, by Rita Carter, University of California 
Press, 1998, p. 47